Friday, May 30, 2003

I had the great privilege of speaking with a friend of my father. His name is Harry Hill and he lives on a hill. Harry and Dad have always played poker together and have been friends for more than 50 years. Harry can't see to drive any more. He doesn't play as much poker. He used to be one of the best poker players in that part of the country. We chatted for quite a while. He told me that the best attribute of a poker player is the ability to see the other people. The good poker player knows how to read the opponent. Harry says he can't play because of his eyes. I love that man as much as I love any man. I hope to get home to see him before he is gone.

No gym yesterday (Thursday).

Had pizza with Daniel, his future ex wife and her daughter before going to LA with Joy. Joy bitched and came around to be a pleasant date. It seems that Joy will always have a problem being subordinate. Poor her.

There is a good chance there will be no gym today (Friday).

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Made it to the gym today (Wednesday). Here is what I did:
*Crunches 60 inclined
*Reverce Crunchs 15 inclined
*Assisted Pull up setting of 8 (40 lb assist), 5 each of wide and narrow grip
*The horse trail wasn't a real run. Ran to the top and walked back. Time: 48:51 (it was too HOT)
*Flat bench 100 lbs 2 reps of 5.
*Bench at 30 degree incline 90 lbs 2 reps of 5.
*Bench at 60 degree incline 80 lbs 2 reps of 5.
*Bench at 90 degree incline 70 lbs 2 reps of 5.
*Squat machine, 180 lbs, 3 reps of 15.
*Leg extension machine, 70 lbs, 3 reps of 15.
*Steam room for 10 minutes.

Not too bad for a starving hillbilly.

Jordan got a job today. Daniel still is looking but told me he is clean shaven. Good.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Didn't make it to the gym today (Tuesday) but made it yesterday. Here is what I did:
*Crunches 50 inclined
*Reverce Crunchs 15 inclined
*Assisted Pull up setting of 8 (40 lb assist), 5 each of wide and narrow grip
*The horse trail run time was 33:01 (an improvement)
*Flat bench 40 lb 4 reps of 10 (behind head.) Stand up same wt 1 rep of 10 pull wt up to chin. Increase wt to 50 lbs and do 3 more sets of 10 reps.
*Curls, standing, 30 lb dumbbells in each hand, 1 set of 10 reps each arm followed by 5 reps each arm.
*Flex Fitness Pectoral Fly, 80 lb, 1 set of 10; 90 lb, 2 sets of 10
*Back to crunches, Inclined 50 one set
*Reverse incline 15 one set.
*Steam room for 10 minutes.

That's a pretty good work out.

Spent some time with two hoodlums: Jordan and Daniel. Both are without jobs and without resumes.


Sunday, May 25, 2003

I have a confession to make: I started toying with the tobacco again. Yea - after more than a year of smoking only when I was really drunk, I started the damn habit again. No excuses. Now time to address the demon yet again. For the folks that may read this and not know my past, I grew up in West Virginia and was addicted to nicotine before I was in school. I smoked all my life and quite around Thanksgiving of 2001. My plan to quit involves physical exercise. This is where I will keep my "gym blog". I will be more descriptive as my gym vocabulary improves.

I went to the gym (LA Fitness) today. This is what I did at the gym this afternoon:
*50 inclined crunches
*5 wide grip overhand pull-ups (assisted with 8 on the machine)
*5 narrow grip overhand pull-ups (assisted with 8 on the machine)
*5 pull-ups with hands forward narrow grip (assisted with 8 on the machine)
I then ran on the horse trail outside. Time: 35:01. Conditions: overcast
Returning to the gym, I used the assisted bench press machine and did the following:
*2 reps of 5 each using 100 pounds with the bench parallel to the floor (0 degrees)
*2 reps of 5 each using 90 pounds with the bench inclined at about 30 degrees
*2 reps of 5 each using 80 pounds with the bench inclined at about 60 degrees
*2 reps of 5 each using 70 pounds with the bench inclined at 90 degrees (sitting up straight)
I then sat on a bench inclined at about 60 degrees from the floor and did 2 sets of 10 using 30-pound dumbbells.
Lastly, I sat in the steam room for 5 minutes.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

A very much kick back day. Went to visit a hoodlum I have been helping. Took my new tool to measure alcohol in blood. He tested 0.15 and his friend tested 0.11%. The hoodlum I was helping is in a sober living house and still drinks kile a fish. It is just a matter of time until he is kicked out! Sad.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Its late again and it seems as if I only write in this medium when it is late. Bad Randy. Today was fun. I received a package from the UK today and that surprised me. It came all in order, two spoons included and a bottle of green liquid. Fun to come. Any reader interested?

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Success with the client in Orange. We live for another day. Off to bed early!
I discovered something today that should be fun: a drink called absinthe. I ordered a jug (700 mL) from the UK and it should be here within a couple of weeks. I bought it here. I have never heard of it but there appears to be a lot of info out there saying this stuff is the next best thing to apple pie. Well maybe not that sweet but we shall see.

Monday, May 19, 2003

And the report is in on the Jordan. He was fired from his job for not having the discipline necessary for him to stay at his work station and work. He worked in the shoe department at Saks Fith Avenue. I think it is safe to say his first job was not an overwhelming success! Too bad. Hopefully he learned something. Kicked back most of the day. Worked on Joys computer.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I forgot - Jordan called and said he is no longer working. This should be an interesting story. More to come.
OK. My first update of this new blog. John Torres was playing at Genghis Cohen in West Los Angeles. Nothing much going on. Off to bed.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

My new blog. Created today. I hope to keep it current.