Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Been a while since I updated. Nothing really new - same old stuff: working at too many clients, struggling with the FDA to get products cleared for market introduction, still smoking, going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week and still partying a little too much. No outside running with the air quality as it is.

There are fires burning all over Southern California but not here in Orange County. One would think that it would be possible to prevent some of this because it happens to a greater or lesser degree every year. I feel for the poor people who are losing their homes and for the families of the people that have been killed.

Hoodlums continue. Will got in jail, sat for about a month, and has been released. Not to worry - Will likely will be back in jail before Christmas. Jordan told me that this is his last semester. He says he is not focused. The reality may be that he wants to party and sees making a little money as more important. Daniel started this semester with two classes and is now down to one. He likes working for $7 or $8 per hour rather than doing the academic work necessary to get ahead. The lesson for me: don't try to help losers unless there is clear and compelling evidence that they want to help themselves.

I met a cool friend named Brian. He is 24 and has a degree from UC Berkley. Seems like a pretty nice guy and we had a little fun together.

Joy continues. She is working as a scab and costing me money. There is another example of a person that would rather work than go to school. So she is 46 years old and having a hard time finding a job that can support her. So I pay.

More to come. Sign my guest book or comment.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Looks like my update of the hoodlums was wrong as it applies to Jordan. It appears that he did not lose his job but rather got a second job working part-time at one of the grocery stores that are on strike. Regrettable. This simply serves as evidence sufficient that he has absolutely no interest in following the lead that I set for him. An 18 year-old kid today should focus on education unless he/she wants to work menial jobs for the rest of his/her life. I am so glad that I had a mentor when I was that age that got me pointed in the right direction.

Work continues to be very busy. I accepted a new client in Irvine and it looks as if I will be adding yet another client in Westlake Village. Business is good and the money is green and this is good.

All goes as well as can be expected. I made it to the gym a couple of times this past week. The run is more difficult with the smoking. I have to quit soon.

Monday, October 13, 2003

An update on a couple of kids I have been helping ...

Will is in jail (Orange County) for probation violation and what appears to be fighting again. He was arrested 09/29/2003 at 6:10 am so he was likely under the influence and fighting. It looks also like he was arrested for a probation violation from another incident he had. This kid needs to get the drugs and alcohol out of his system and maybe the judge will see that he has the time to do such.

Jordan got his financial aid check from school and it appears that he may have lost his job. He asked if I still had his resume on my computer. He is another kid that needs to get his head out of his ass and get serious about being a full-time student.

Daniel continues to do OK. He is working too much at Petco and is only going to school part-time taking two classes and math isn't one of them. Hopefully, he come to realize the importance of education in his future sooner rather than later.

The only kid that I still spend time with is Daniel. Will is beyond my ability to reach. Jordan is a user of people.

Things continue as normal. Same old stuff. I did meet a group of hillbillys at a local bar called Group Therapy in Yorba Linda that are in town working construction. Was kinda fun hanging out with them last Saturday evening. Needless to say, I had a tad bit of a hangover on Sunday. That bar is right beside LA Fitness in Yorba Linda where I work out. It does little good to go to the gym to burn carbs and then go to a bar and replentish them with beer.

I am off to the gym and not planning on stopping at the local establishment by the bar.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Sometimes I think that people are nuts. I read a few blogs and post comments on occasion. I posted yesterday to a few and one guy was so upset that he asked me not to comment anymore. Wow. Are my views really that radical? Yes, I live in Southern California. Yes, I am a registered Republican. Yes, I am self-employed and am taxed excessively. Yes, I donate money to support candidates. And yes, I speak out against actions that I think are wrong. But I honestly hope my words are not offensive and I like to think that my ideas are in the best interest of all people - from the religious right to the liberal San Francisco gay community.

I speak against the religious right because those people are not rational. They think according to blind religious faith. I think this is contrary to our way of government. The actions of the religious right are not helping their ultimate goals. Why should someone care what goes on in the privacy of another person's home between consenting adults? This includes gay sex or pot smoking.

I speak out against the liberal San Francisco gay community that preaches policies that cost jobs. The people need to work and businesses provide jobs. Actions that run business out of this state simply do not make sense.

I have supported the recall of Davis. Why? Not because I think he is a criminal. I supported a recall because I felt that this governor has instituted policies that are directly responsible for costing jobs. His fiscal policies appear to be tax and spend and regulate. Hopefully Arnie will help to change this mess.

Stay tuned.
The election results are in and Arnold is the next governor of California. Davis is out. The people wanted fiscally responsible government coupled with social liberalism. The people won. The moralist lost. The liberals with their hand out wanting others to pay their way hopefully lost. Now it is time to get to work solving the problems that are costing us jobs and running business out of California. Go Arnold.

The next task is to get GWB out of Washington and get someone elected that is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. We need to stop the discrimination against gays, minorities and non-Christians. We need to stop the war on drugs and free the non-violent felons that are serving long jail terms for drug related crime. We need a new direction. Is Wes Clark the candidate that can defeat GWB? Maybe. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Long weekend. Worked on the resubmit for my client in Orange and went to a wedding in Las Vegas. Drove up and back. Was fun.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Relatively busy week. Made it to the gym on Monday and Tuesday and that was it. Very busy with my client in Orange. The Food and Drug Administration bounced our 510(k) submittal and there is some work to do to try to get it right. My client in Orange pays me great money but will not follow my advice. Maybe I should simply take their money and smile.

My lower back is much improved but I haven't been feeling well lately. I think it is the smoking. I will quit and soon. My back feels better maybe because I made it to the gym on Monday and Tuesday.