Wednesday, October 27, 2004

An update on the new girl. She came to her senses and we are together again. Women are so emotional. Why can't they be like us guys?

An update on the election. I may not support the bond issue for stem cell research. My good friend da Barrell rightfully pointed out that the State of California hardly needs more debt. A part of me says that I should vote for it simply because the right wing whaccos are opposed to it. The fiscal conservative in me says it probably isn't such a good idea. More to come on this topic.

Leaving Friday evening for the Vegas with the new girl. Hopefully it will be fun.

Friday, October 22, 2004

All remains well with me. Business is good and the money is green. Following is my ballot recommendations (Orange County, California) for the upcoming election. In my opinion, the important initiative is prop 66. This should pass. Read on:

Prop 1A: Protection of local government revenues. Vote NO. Don't "lock" the state constitution with the amendment.

Prop 59: Public records, open meeting. Vote YES. The public should have the right of access to records of their government.

Prop 60: Election rights of political parties. Vote YES. The political party system works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Prop 60A: Surplus property. Vote YES. The state should sell property that isn't needed and pay down the debt.

Prop 61: Children's hospital grant program. Vote NO. The state is deeply in debt and doesn't need more debt.

Prop 62: Primary elections. Vote NO. The current primary system works.

Prop 63: Mental health services funding tax. Vote NO. Additional taxes aren't necessary for any reason other than paying down the debt.

Prop 64: Limit on private enforcement of unfair business competition laws. Vote YES. Private attorneys need not have financial motivation to enforce laws.

Prop 65: Local government funds. Vote NO. This isn't necessary.

Prop 66: Limitations on three strikes law. Vote YES. Locking people up for 25 years to life for nonviolent crimes is simply a waste of money.

Prop 67: Emergency medical services funding. Vote NO. Another tax. The people are not under taxed.

Prop 68: Non-tribal commercial gambling expansion. Vote NO. This is an attempt to give existing card club owners slot machines.

Prop 69: DNA samples. Vote NO. People's rights are not protected.

Prop 70: Tribal gaming compacts. Vote NO. This would encourage the expansion of Indian gaming in urban areas.

Prop 71: Stem cell research. Vote YES. I normally don't support funding research with public money, but this looks like a good idea given the right-wing politics of the federal government.

Prop 72: Health care coverage. Vote NO. There are other ways to address health care issues.

President of the US: Vote KERRY. As a lifelong member of the GOP, I have always supported the republican nominee for president. This election, I will not. Why? This president is dangerous. He doesn't care about civil liberties and has caters way too much to the religious right.

That is my take. You now know how I will vote.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Great week as it relates to productivity, so far. Bad parts include my doggy having another stroke and my new gal and I parting ways. I don't seem to be doing well with women. It seems like all they want is someone to control. The next girl with which I spend my time and my money will damn sure be worth it.

Maybe Howard Stern got it right in an interview in Playboy a few years back when he said that guys would rather hang with guys if girls didn't have that cavity between their legs?