Monday, November 07, 2005

The way I will vote tomorrow:

Prop 73: NO. More regulation isn't the solution.
Prop 74: NO. Teachers who suck should be termnated without regard to tenure. This proposition doesn't address the real problem.
Prop 75: YES. Unions need not take money from people for the purpose of influencing opinion. If the members want to contribute their money, let them form a PAC.
Prop 76: YES. State spending should be limited by all means available. The less money the state has, the less likely I am to be bothered by the state.
Prop 77: NO. This one is a close call. I will vote NO.
Prop 78: NO. I prefer prop 79.
Prop 79: YES. Allow the state to negotiate fees and permit the state not to do business with those who don't want to negotiate.
Pop 80: NO. Additional regulation isn't the solution.
Measure B: NO. I don't see a reason to restrict funds to only those that the county bless.
Measure C: YES. Shifting funds away from the sheriff is always good.
Measure D: YES. Same as measure 'C'.
Measure E: YES. Same reasoning as measure C.

Enjoy the election and the results.