Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wow! It has been a long time since I "bled my soul" on these pages. Not to woory - I have a lot of blood to bleed. Just a little today.

Let's all give GWB an atta boi for the recent court nominations. Roberts will likely be a winner. Why? Because he will likely do the job. Will he try to write law? I think not. He will simply deal with very complex issues with the team that he has and cast his vote acordingly. The new gal seems to be OK. She is clearly not a right wing nut and I suspect she, like Roberts, will do us good.

Let's all give me an atta boi. My gal Mary and I are still together after a year and that deserves at least that.

I am good. I am making money more than I can count (I hired a bean counter). I smile more than I once did but am still not as happy as I need to be. I love life more than before (not that I hated it!).

Let's all sit on the sidelines and clap loudly as this GOP administration and this GOP congress goes down in flames in the midterm elections. Be sure to vote. Don't forget - the right wing churches are encouraging their members to vot - because God (and Rove) told them that they have to. Listen to me: YOU need to offset that whaccoism lest you find yourself sublect to am American Taliban.

Love you