Saturday, August 30, 2003

A major milestone for my client in Orange. It appears that we have received approval from the FDA Third Party review people that our product is blessed by them. About time.

I have also decided that there will be a signifricant reduction of alcohol in my life. I am simply getting tired of partying and feeling like shit, recovering, and repeating the cycle. Let's eee how long this lasts. Also, there may be a relatyionship between my lack of attendance at the gym and my alcohol consumption. Time will tell.

Going to the gym today and then to eat somewhere. All is well.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Made it to the gym on Sunday and Monday. Partied too much Monday evening and felt like shit on Tuesday. Busy day at my client in Orange on Wednesday. Another busy day today. Need some rest.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

At last, I got rid of marketscore (spyware) from my system. Hopefully between ZoneLabs, WinPatrol and SpyBot, I can keep the damn spyware off my puter. I also notice that my system performance has improved.

Off to the gym.
Went to LA on Thursday evening. Was fun. Friday was a day that I didn't feel well. Got busy with work later in the day and ended up on a conference call that lasted forever. Did nothing on Saturday except have dinner with JOy. Went to a place in Brea (Taps). Food was good. Home early.

Watched a great movie on ShowTime, Common Ground. Was a pretty OK film about homosexuality and societal attitudes on the topic.

No gym since Tuesday. I have got to get off the cigarettes and get in shape physically. My run time is slowing and my energy level is low. The smokes really takes a toll.

Maybe I will go to the theatre on Sunday after the gym.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Dean for President? Not! Pres. Bush spends some time in Oregon (fundraising of course) and here is part on an email spam that I received today:

Yesterday George Bush took time off from his vacation to go fundraising again, this time in Portland, Oregon. At just one event he brought in $1 million from 500 of his biggest contributors. Outside the fundraiser more than 2,000 Americans gathered to speak out against Bush’s failed policies, which have ruined our economy and damaged our standing in the world community. Yet pocketing $1 million dollars was enough for George W. Bush to thank the people of Portland for their “warm welcome.”

We can’t let George W. Bush continue to rack up millions while the American people are left out in the street. Today, we’re bringing out the bat on the Dean for America website—and putting it up against George W. Bush. Our goal is to raise $1 million against George Bush by the end of the Sleepless Summer Tour—midnight this Tuesday, August 26th. Show George Bush that you are taking our country back by making a contribution today

I am not a big fan of GWB but in the name of honesty, isn't this just a tad bit off the mark? How many pieces of legislation has this President vetoed? Answer: zero. The Congress is as much to blame as this President. And as long as there are 40 democrats in the Senate, the Democrats can stop anything from coming to a vote. The only thing that they (the Democrats) stop from coming to a vote seems to be some of GWB's judicial appointments. The "failed policies" are as much the fault of the Congress as it the fault of this President.

The Dean campaign should subscribe to some "truth in advertising." There are policies that have failed but those policies are not GWB's but the policies of our Federal government which includes a House of Representatives and a Senate. Deficit spending and a War of Drugs are but two examples.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Very tired this evening for some reason. No alcohol and no gym so I shouldn't feel so run down. Maybe it is the morning drinks that I have? In case you don't know, it is a triple shot of expresso with about twice the volume of steamed milk and white chocolate and Bailey's Irish Creame and just a splash of Kahula. Starbucks has nothing on me.

Early bedtime for me. Gym tomorrow.

As reported in the New York Times of Gov. Davis at UCLA yesterday:

"There are many reasons to be against this recall," he said. "It is expensive, it's undemocratic, it's a bad precedent, and it almost certainly will breed more recalls."

"Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante, the only prominent Democrat on the recall ballot, in essence kicked off his own campaign today, appearing outside his home near Sacramento to present a plan raising $8 billion in new income, tobacco and commercial property taxes to solve the state's budget problems."

Are these people idiots or are the votors idiots? Our State Counsitution provides for a recall process. The people signed petitions to force a recall and the people will vote YES or no to recall the governor. What is so undemocratic about that? Davis is being recalled because of his tax-and-spend policies. He has failed to provide the leadership the people expect.

Now we hear of Lt. Gov. Bustamante's ideas for solving the fiscal mess: raise taxes. Thanks to our republican minority in the legislature, this shouldn't happen. Maybe this will give the votors a reason not to vote for a Bustamante as Davis' replacement.

Yes - made it to the gym today. Good run and a good workout.

On another note, I know a person who filed to get her car smogged and put a phoney sticker on her plates and kept driving. She was caught. The crime: identy theft. It could have been a felony but the policeman gave her a ticket. Now her tags are outdated and she still drives. Any guess who this person is?

Monday, August 18, 2003

No gym today. You know, there is something to be siad about a person who doesn't have the discipline to go to the gym on a regular gasis. I will try to make it tomorrow. Had the waterpump changed on my Jeep. It was just starting to leak and I don't screw around with heat transfer issues on cars. My emphasis in college as a mechanical engineering major was fluid-thermal systems and I fully understand the consequences. Daniel and Nikki came over and smoked on the little pipe.

I made it to the execuive board meeting of that professional organization that I belong. I would rather go to the gym than there. It seem like the people on that board seem not to have their focus on the membership. This is a cross that I have to bear.

Plans for tomorrow include the gym, a 10am meeting at my client in Orange, dealing with transmission service and hopefully buying new tires for the jeep.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

No gym on Thursdat, Friday or Saturday. I made it today. Did my normal work out and run. But added one twist: I am now doing additional situps on an inclide in addition to the 50 crunches that I do before I run. If I can get to the gym more often, do more situps and reduce my carb intake; I will have a chance of transforming my 36 waist into a 34. Time will tell.

Went to another beach today - Venice. First time I have been there in years and it is still the same. Way too many people and not enough places to have a beverage. On the beach was a circle of people beating drums and having a good time. I joined them and had a smoke from my little wooden pipe. All in fun. It definitely isn't like Balboa!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Thanks to the tracking service on this site I can see who has visited and how long they stayed. At 1:30 pm on August 11, someone from the Department of Justice (DOJ) visited. The IP address is 149.106.1 and with the help of THIS SITE I can determine where the viewer came from. I can also determine which page they came from. In this case it was from a google search and the search criteria was my name (Randall May.) This is enough to cause a hillbilly to be of concern given that I am rather outspoken against our current Attorney General and his policies.

Better news. I made it to the gym (LA Fitness) on Wednesday. Did my normal pre-run routine (crunches, legs stretches and the like) then ran outside. It was hot! Followed this up with a lite upper body workout. Quick stop in the office (so I can get my daily billing) and then out to eat.

Off to the gym this afternoon. I am determined to get my abs in shape and my lower back muscles so that I have less back pain.

More to come.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I made it to the gym on Monday, ran outside and did a pretty reasonable workout. But them I blew it and went out drinking with Daniel and Nikki. No gym today. Made it to the office briefly to discuss planning for the 510(k) approval and documentaion requirements. Made it to the monthly dinner meeting of a professional organization that I am active it. Time to rest and hopefully make it to the gym on Wednesday.

Monday, August 11, 2003

I found a link to perhaps the greatest book on economic theory ever published. It is at the Library of Economics and Liberty. As we in California complete the process of recalling (or not recalling) our Governor and replacing him (or not replacing him), the ideas in the book linked above may be appropriate.

I have got a little work to do then I will go to the gym and start (restart) my committment to reducung my waist size and eliminating this mid-section buldge that is approaching.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

It has been hot in all of Southern California, including the beach. A mellow day. Started with brunch at Orange Hill Restaraunt. They do a pretty good brunch on Sunday. This is the third week in a row I have been there for brunch. Took Joy home after brunch and kicked back at the beach near the wedge in Balboa. To grab a towell, kick back, get some sun and simply relax is enjoyable. Perhaps this is why I do the work that I do and put up with the bullshit I put up with? Stopped by Daniel and Nikki's for a few.

Time to get some rest and start another week. This upcoming week should be kinda easy and I hopefully can continue spending some time at the local beaches. I also hope to gey my ass to the gym and get in better physical condition and stop smoking this week.

Stay tuned.
Here I am getting home at about 2am from a pretty fun day. I didn't do a nanosecond worth of work today. Spend most of the afternoon in Santa Monica near the pier having a few beverages and eating and listening to the street, or should I say, the pier performers. They were great!

My friend Kevin finally got off his wallet and bought a motor home. He called and I gave him a ride to pick up his truck (he drove the motor home to his house.) We then went to a bar in Tustin and had a beer and my girlfriend met us there. Had a couple more beers and then home I came.

I will never understand the female mind, and particularly, the mind of females that are my age or older. I have just about arrived at the conclusion that women are inferior simply because they can’t seem to control their emotions. Perhaps it is a hormonal imbalance thing? Or perhaps it is more fundamental?

Got home and read a great Yahoo News article. At last, the judiciary is starting to speak out against the silly and expensive and draconian sentencing guidelines that exist at the Federal level today mostly relating to the war on drugs. I hope that one day we as a society can agree that the solution to all societal problems isn’t with writing and enforcing laws. I will never forget growing up in West Virginia and having speakers come to our elementary and middle schools speaking about how the USSR was so evil because their government locked up many of their citizens. How times have changed.

We have serious problems: our State government is running a multi-billion dollar structural deficit; our Federal government is running a deficit of nearly half a trillion dollars. The liberals cry about health care and education and the absolute necessity of maintaining social programs. It is nearly incomprehensible the waste in terms of dollars and lives that the madness associated with the ‘war on drugs’ is costing us. When will it end?!

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Very interesting and productive week.

The productivity of the week is we completed a 510(k) filing for my client in Orange. Some of you may ask, What is a 510(k) filing?" A 510(k) is a notification to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that we are ready to start marketing a medical device that is regulated by the FDA. If this product comes to market, it could result in annual revenues of at least $50 million dollars the first year! Good week. I could get a significant cut of the profits, see my stock value increase radically and have the opportunity to execute additional options for more shares! Good week.

The interesting part of the week is we now have the Recall Davis effort in full swing. Arnie officially threw his hat in the ring and I will give him my full support. Many of my readers (not that I have many readers) may disagree with the plan to recall our Democratic governor. The people want him out, the people followed the State Constitution and my view is we should let the voters decide. Arnie should be a candidate that liberal Democrats and fiscally conservative Republicans both should be able to embrace. Let the debate continue!

Bad Randy. I made it to the gym only once during this past week. I have lost weight (193 from about 200) in part because I have been so damn busy I haven’t been eating right and I am still smoking the tobacco like there is no tomorrow. The midsection didn’t benefit from this weight loss..

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Here is a link to My Aunt Candy. Actually she was my Great Aunt - she was my mother's mother's sister. I remember her as a kid. Now you know the culture of West Virginia!

Monday, August 04, 2003

No posts for the last week - bad Randy. Made it to the gym twice last week and ran the horse trail both times with times under 36 minutes. Thats not too bad for an old hillbilly that smokes too much, doesn't eat right and drinks too much alcohol. I am going to try to start eating better and lose a little weight around the waist. I am not overweight but I need to get rid of the mid section and to do that requires a little discipline with eating and drinking.

Looks as if I will continue to work for the foreseeable future for my client in Orange. I explained to the management in Orange that I had alternate opportunities and that I can't continue to stay involved without a committment to be paid regularly. Funding is there and there is plenty to do. And I have been promised that I will be paid regularly.

The last hoodlum that I am involved with in Southern California has to get a job and pay rent (only $200) by the last day of August or he is on his way to homelessness. I kept him from being tossed out on the street by promising to cough up $400 later today (Monday.)

Stopped by and visited with my friend Kevin and his wife last evening. I really don't understand the Christian right wing conservative Republicans. Kevin's wife honestly thinks it is wrong for someone to do something, like go to a gay club, just because her religion tells her that she shouldn't do it. If the GOP doesn't reinvent their "big tent", the party may very well become extinct.