Sunday, June 27, 2004

It looks to me that the upcoming presidential election is still too close to call. If the election were today, the score would likely be: 200 Kerry; 209 Bush; 129 too close to call. The states that I define as 'too close to call' are states where polls show the vote as closer than 4%.

There are 10 states that may likely decide the election:
Michigan, Kerry with a 2% edge, 17 electoral votes
West Virginia, Kerry with a 2% edge, 5 electoral votes
Pennsylvania, Kerry with a 1% edge, 21 electoral votes
Wisconsin, Kerry with a 1% edge, 10 electoral votes
New Hampshire, Kerry with a 1% edge, 4 electoral votes
Ohio, no edge, 20, electoral votes
Oregon, no edge, 7 electoral votes
New Mexico, Bush with a 1% edge, 5 electoral votes
Florida, Bush with a 2% edge, 27 electoral votes
Virginia, Bush with a 3% edge, 13 electoral votes

This election is way too close to call. Stay tuned. This election should be fun.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

My liberal friends continue to complain that GWB won the election because the electoral college goes against the will of the people. I don't get it. Will someone explain how the electoral college is bad for the people? It seems to me that our founding fathers put a lot of thought into the Constitution of the United States.

The problem isn't the Constitution; the problem is the Constitution isn't followed?

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I went to a wedding today in Riverside with my good friend Kevin and his wife. The wedding was short, the food was good and all was well.

As usual, when Kevin and I get together I couldn't resist bringing up a political discussion. Kevin and his wife are VERY religious and needless to say, they are strong supporters of the GOP and GWB and essentially anything their church preaches.

The reality, at least as I see it, is that GWB is not doing well. I speak without bias. I am a registered Republican. And yes, I hope to see GWB defeated. I think GWB is dangerous. I think he waged a war that was not necessary and has caused many families bury their children.

THIS LINK is a pretty good site that shows tracks both the popular vote and the electoral college results. The tide is clearly changing and if the trend continues, GWB will be thrashed and sent home to Texas.

Time will tell.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Former President Reagan has died at the age of 93. When Reagan was President, I had just completed my military service and was starting my life. He fully believed in freedom and individual responsibility and was against the 'collective' state trying to take care of everyone. He did continue to fight the 'War on Drugs' that was started by the Nixon administration. The GOP today is certainly not what it was when Reagan sat in the oval office.

I worked hard to get Reagan elected. I will continue to work equally as hard to get GWB defeated.