Friday, April 22, 2005

The no smoking thing continues. It does get easier.

Mary and I are back together, for now.

I recently returned from a trip back east.

I got the results of the MRI on my lower back. My back isn't good. I have a disk that doesn't look good and that is responsible for my pain.

And the train keeps on rolling.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Today is day 1 of the new attempt to quit smoking. The plan this time is to use NicoDerm CQ as a stop smoking aid in conjunction with a stop smoking support group. This, and spending a lot of time at the gym, hopefully will make it possible to get away from this evil drug again.

I need to quit and hopefully will quit.
Let the debate begin.

The GOP, led by the religious right wing waccos, may have set themselves back a few steps. The Schiavo case may help bring the issue of the role of the Federal government in the lives of the people to center stage. As it should.

A man and a woman marry. The woman is injured and declared to be in a persistent vegetative state. The laws of the state grant life (and death) decisions to the husband. After 15 years, and many years of litigation, the husband gets what he thinks his wife would want.

We know the rest. The GOP wants the Federal judiciary to get involved and both the Congress and the President act. The Federal judiciary applies the law and the husband still gets what he thinks his wife would have wanted. She dies.

The debate should be expanded and I hope it is expanded.

A woman and a man have sex and the woman gets pregnant. They each decide to terminate the pregnancy. What is the role of the Federal government?

A man and a woman smoke pot in the privacy of their bedroom and then have sex with a lambskin condom. What is the role of the Federal government? What if they have an OK by their doctor and their State to smoke some weed?

A woman is being kept alive by artificial means and the laws of the State permit her husband to end it. What is the role of the Federal government?

Let the debate continue. If you know me, you know my views.