Sunday, August 22, 2004

Another week is ending (or starting) and after watching my favorite Sunday talk shows, and looking at the statistics associated with the upcoming election, it still looks to me as if GWB may go down. I think is a sure bet that the GOP will not go down without a fight. I expect to see increasing negative ads and the overall attempt to deflect attention from GWB's first term performance.

The web site that I use to get most of the statistical data is Feder Review. A lik is here:


I think the GOP has made the fatal error of catering too much to the religious right (moralists) at the expense of the moderate majority. Then there is the fiscal policy that keeps world financial markets in turmoil. And the issue of jobs. This president seems to be obsessed with a "war" and other issues seem to be a distraction except at election time.

Stay tuned.

On another note, my doggy had another seizure a couple days ago but like last time he recovered. When this dog dies, a part of me will die too. To see him suffer, kills me a little every day.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The race for a seat in the U.S. Senate representing the State of Illinois may likely be the campaign that ultimately paints the national GOP as it should be painted.

First a little history ... There was the GOP candidate Jack Ryan who had to drop out of the race because he was alledged to have taken his wife to sex clubs and tried to pressure her to perform sex acts in front of people. Here is a link to the story from MSNBC: The GOP leadership in Illinois then selected Alan Keys as Ryan's replacement.

The democrat candidate is Barack Obama. AT 41 years of age, he is a relatively young guy who grew up in Hawaii, got an undergraduate degree from Columbia and a law degree from Harvard.

Keys and Obama differ in many respects. A fundamental difference is how they treat religion and hot button issues such as abortion. Keys takes the traditional GOP conservative view. Obama takes a more inclusive view.

Consider how each of their campaigns treat two groups of people: (1) regular church goers and (2) people who don't go to church regularly. I suspect it is how these two groups of people are treated that will determine the outcome of not only this election but may signal the end of the GOP as we know it and perhaps the end of GWB.

Those who attend church regularly are much more likely to vote GOP than those who go to church but don't attend services regularly. Obana and the modern democratic party are seeking to reclaim those GOP members through tolerance and progressive thinking.

Obana gave a great interview on ABC's "This Week" program today. He said that it is a mistake for the democratic party to accept the view that only secularism can express tolerance. He states in plain simple terms that the discussion involving religion has to consider the role of faith in a pluralistic society. Obana admits that he attends church regularly but he states that the nature of his faith is such that it has to admit some doubt. Obana says that he may not always be right and that God doesn't speak to him alone and that the only way he can live with people of differing faiths is if we have a civil society that is in fact civil.

Obana points out that this is a central difference between him and Keys. Keys speaks with the certainty of a prophet as if he has a direct line to God. Obana states that he has to admit a little more human fallibility. Obana states that he has to assert that he does not have unyielding confidence such that he always knows the truth.

The problem with the GOP is they think that the have a direct line to God. They think their views, from abortion to gay rights or to free people smoking pot, have no room for compromise. They think God wants it their way and that any other way is simply not acceptable and impossible to tolerate.

It is this problem with the GOP that will likely destroy it as we know it. When the party of intolerance is destroyed, the party may return to the party of Reagan, the party with a "big tent". In a civil society, only a party where differing views are accepted should be rewarded with survival.

I am still registered as a member of the GOP but I will not support any candidate, with my mouth, money or with my vote, that is intolerant of other views. The central issue is the role of government. The role of the government should not be to wage a war on drugs or to worry about whether my neighbor's teenage daughter is having premarital sex or restricting stem cell research. This GOP party doesn't get it. They want to cater to the religious right and impose their morality on others.

I pray the voters of this country understand this fundamental difference.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Uneventful weekend other than my doggy having another stroke. Gosh - those are really hard to take. He starts shaking violently, foaming at the mouth and can't walk. Then he tries to walk and keeps walking in circles and falling down. I thought is was going to be the end of him.

He required a little loving and care and he appears to have recovered completely.

Went out Friday evening with Kentucky Brandon, stopped at a couple of places, and went to see Jordan. Felt like shit Saturday and am now only recovering. I must change my lifestyle.

Business continues to be OK. I have more work than I want.

It's still the same ole same ole same ole. Some things seem to never get better or get worse either. Maybe I should be happy.