Sunday, November 28, 2004

I am better.

It really hurt when my dog died. Staying up all night with him as he has continual seizures as a result of cancer spreading to his brain simply hurts. Waiting for the vet to open so I could take him to be killed. Cancer is ugly.

Fortunately, I have a rational mind. I know that ending the suffering was the right choice. If were in his position, I would have wanted the same.

So my life moves on. I am now free from the responsibilities of the last 17 years.

Friday, November 26, 2004

My dog died.

It happenned rather quickly. Upon my return home last evening, Marie informed me that Head Dog had sufferred continual seizures for a few hours. I comforted him the best that I could all night. It was clear that his quality of life had deteriorated to the point that it was time. I called Kevin to come and help take the dog to the vet. We did.

Every living creature shall surely die. His life was long and pretty happy. We did all that could be done.

My he rest in peace.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to support the party of Lincoln.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am definitely over the election. The GOP won and I think we all know why. No - it wasn't because of cheating or any of that. The GOP won because (1) we are at war, or at least we say we are, and (2) the democratic candidate couldn't win in the bible belt.

If we are at war, then it makes good sense to not change generals in midstream. Many people think this war is creating to our insecurity but many more people are simply afraid so John Kerry could not win on the war issue.

John Kerry could not carry the south. He didn't speak enough about family and values and all the other simple bullshit that many rural morons want to hear spoken. Kerry won in the vast majority of cities but couldn't carry the rural areas.

The beauty of this election is that the right wing, bible thumping, spend until the deficit reaches $10 trillion GOP's will face the voters again. If the GOP continues to act as they have acted under this moron of a president, I bet the democrats will have the wisdom to nominate someone that can at least carry one state in the south.

On a sadder note ... My dog has cancer and his life expectancy is now 3 months. Chemotherapy is an option to extend his life. Will this treatment compromise his quality of life? I hope his last days will be filled with fun and enjoyment. When he dies, a part of me will surely die.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I am still somewhat down about the election. The best the GOP can come up with is GWB. Apparently the best the democrats can come up with is John Kerry. It is truly a sad state of affairs.

There is some beauty. First, the GOP will have to deal with the fiscal mess they created. This should make it pretty ripe for the democrats next election (unless the GOP noninates moderates.) Second, the influence of the religious right should be clear over the next two years. Third, the mess in Iraq should continue for at least a couple of more years. All three of these events should make it very ripe for moderate candidates during the mid-term congressional elections.

The sky is not falling. As long as there are a few moderate members of the GOP and 45 democrats in the senate, the sky will not fall. There will be no ultra-right wing appointments to the federal bench and there will be no justices of the supreme court confirmed by this senate. Not to worry sportsfans.

On a sadder note ... My dog has taken a turn for the worse. He has only limited mobility and has lost his appetite. Surgery is scheduled for 12:20 pm on Monday, November 08 to remove a tumor on his back that may be causing the problems. Or he could just be old. The surgery could kill him.

A part of me will die when the dog dies.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The data shows that this president will likely win. So we have a few more years of a religious right wing, shine the constitution, idiot in the white house. The people think that the sky may be falling and only king george is the only person that can hold up the sky?

There are lessons to be learned and I hope that the GOP has learned.

Folks - there is good news. The people of the State of California, a great economic power, with our elected senators, will stop this idiot sitting in the white house from acting according to his idiotic instincts driven by the religious right wing nuts.

It is a sad day for the Constitution of the United States if this president can be reelected. I suggest that we change his oath of office to reflect "protect the people" instad of "support and defend the Constitution....".

It really is a sad day for America but a great day for the religious right. Thank God for the State of Californias and the United States Senate.

Boxer and Feinstein will represent my State well.