Sunday, July 27, 2003

Busy with work late last week. Went to the desert with hoodlum Jordan and decided that he is just using me for my financial resources. Our relationship has terminated. I can't deal with his inmaturity. I guess I should have expected it since he is only 18. And now there is only one hoodlum left in Southern California and that is Daniel. Hopefully he will do better than Will and Jordan. Time will tell.

Looks like an interesting week coming up. More to come. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Pretty easy day. Spent some time at my client in Orange and went to Kevin's to help with his car problems. Changed the spark plugs in my Jeep with platinum plugs and I think there is improved performance.

Lots of work to do on Wednesday and need to get ready for the Quarterly Breakfast meeting of which I am chair.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

My new home office furniture was delivered today. Daniel and I assembled the corner desk unit. It took a few hours but we were successful. Too bad I can't post a pic here of I would. It gives me more room and looks pretty good. Definitely an improvement over what I used for the last few years.

On another note, the dog is getting better. For some reason, he developed a terrible cough. Perhaps the medicine the vet has prescribed has worked.

Didn't make it to the gum. Daniel and I went to eat instead of working out after the desk assembly.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I still have not made it to the gym. Hopefully I will make it there on Monday. I am expecting an interesting week upcoming at my client in Orange. Tired and time to rest.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

I didn't make it to the gym on Thursday or Friday. Daniel came over on Thursday afternoon and we partyed. Went to OfficeMax and bought some office furniture. Went and shot pool and drank the amber beverabe known as Jack Daniels. Didn't fell reall well yesterday. I am going to cut the beer and Jack Daniels out of my lifre for a while and prepare to stop smoking. Gym today and then going to the theatre with Joy later.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

My blog sucks. Maybe I am not meant to be a blogger? I just can't seem to find the words to say really how I feel about much of anything. So I keep writing and a few people keep reading and I never get any feedback and the sun rises and sets and the train keeps on rolling.

It is still hot and humid in this paradise called Southern California. Think I will get to the gym today and run in this weather. Then maybe I will consume some alcohol and take tomorrow off from work and just kick back and rest. Maybe not. Update later.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Today was to be the second day that Daniel was to work. The agreement was that he would come three times a week, work for a couple of hours and then accompany me to LA Fitness. He came today but wasn't interested in doing any work and wasn't interested in going to the gym. We rescheduled for tomorrow. I paid him two weeks in advance so I suspect that his motivation is lacking.

Went to visit Kevin and went to his kid Luke's soccer game. Was hot and humid and insects everwhere. Reminded me of my youthful days in West Virginia.

I have been really tired for the last few days. I just haven't felt like doing much. No partying or much of anything else.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

My dog was sick last night and he kept me up for most of the night. He had a terrible cough. He went to the vet today, got a shot and is all better. Maybe some sleep is in my future tonite.

Went to the gym with a hoodlum (Daniel) yesterday. Did a pretty good upperbody work out after running the horse trail. Run time was 35:49 which isn't real bad for a smoker (thats me) and a kid that isn't in the best physical condition (that be Daniel.)

Still at a hold with the client in Orange. Maybe we will get this damn medical device to market before the technology is outdated.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Getting closer to where we need to be with the Premarket Notification [510(k)] to the FDA for my client in Orange but he will be pissed. The software engineer is unavailable and will not finish what he needs to do till end of week which is when I we were to submit the 510(k) filing. Bummer. Naturally I had to be the bearer of the bad news which I did via email. The good is that I should have time to play some this week. The bad is the angry investors continue to hear unfilled promises. Bummer.

Went to the gym today and ran the horsetrail. It was hot outside. Maybe 95F. Thats hot! Pretty good workout though. I am starting to get back into it but it is very difficult running as a smoker. Getting off the cigs is becoming more of a priority.

No time with anyone today. Very enjoyable.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

An update for the last few days ...

Wednesday - met with lacityboy at Orange Hill. Was fun and the food, as always, was good. He is a pretty OK person.

Thursday - nade it to the gym. Very hot outside and the run was slow. Very lite workout.

Friday - met with JOy at Pineapple Hill. Then stopped by Nikki's place. Went to O'Harah's Pub with Daniel, then returned to Nikki's. Daniel was apparently a little drunk since he and Nikki got into a little discussion after our return. Jordan is having trouble with a computer system he is trying to get together for Roy.

Saturday - Nikki called and she and Daniel are all OK. That is good. Joy came over and hung out.

Today - planning on going to the gym and maybe going to the beach. Note that I added a banner indicating my support for General Clark for President. I doubt he runs but I suspect he would have the best chance of defeating Bush. Definitely more to come on this.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Lazy day today. Had dinner with the LAcityBoy at Orange Hill. He seems like a pretty OK guy. Food was good and the drinks were not excessive. Perhaps I will meet him again sometime somewhere.
Busy day yesterday. I enjoyed chatting with Joy's sister on AIM. She is a Dean for President fan and I tried to tell her that Dean will not talk to the issues. It appears that his view of the Constitution is that the States should decide for themselves. Go figure. Dean is simply trying to sap up as much money as he can from the radical left wing of the democratic party that it stinks. Rumer control has it that some GOP people are donating to help him get the nomination so that GWB can thrash him come 2004. When will the demo's get another candatite that can compete?

Got a busy day today and hope to get back to have dinner with an lacityboy which I expect to be a very interesting and educational evening. Read this guy's blog and you should agree that he is one interesting character.

Spent time with Jordan and Daniel on Tuesday. These guys are great kids and they each have problems. I hope I can help them. If not, so be it.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

I am back from my Vegas trip. Wasn't really exciting - too much alcohol and not really much to do. No excessive gambling - I hit a royal straight flush on a dollar video poker machine. That paid $4,000 which funded the trip, more or less. Good to be back in Southern California.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower - Las Vegas Nevada, United States will be where I will be staying for the next few days so there will be no posts.
My sleep pattern continues to get more screwed up as we get closer to our goal of bring a class II medical device to market for my client in Orange. I reviewed in some depth a "Software Requirements Specification" and was surprised at the level of incompetence that exists in this world. So be it.

On another note, one of the kids that I have been trying to help visited me Monday evening and our conversation resulted in me providing his girl friend with advice in the form of an email:


In reference to your inquiry as to what I would do if I were you given that D doesn't seem to understand the importance of money (getting a job), my advice follows. This is candid honest advice and only my opinion.

The first problem, according to my analysis, is it appears D doesn't understand the necessity of earning money and budgeting his earned money.

Let's discuss the necessity of earning money. We live in an age where money is important. Everyone has cash needs. The homeless bum on the street wants to smoke cigs. People need food. We use toothpaste and mouthwash and toilet paper. The tobacco farmer, the tobacco processor, growers and distributors of our food and well as the manufacturer and distributor of our shit paper sell their labor in return for money. They too have to eat. Taxes on the houses that we live in cost bucks. It cost money to put gas in our cars, insure our cars and maintain them. The facts are clear that money is important.

Let's now turn, briefly, to why we budget. We budget so that we can prioritize where we spend our limited money and ultimately get the most happiness out of what we have. If we have a car payment, we learn to prioritize that payment so to avoid late fees and repossession by the lender. Many people learn to budget, very informally, so that they have enough money to buy food prior to the next payday. We budget because we all have infinite wants and limited resources to fulfill those wants.

Dl's refusal to get a job, earn money and budget his money is regretful. A hoodlum (or non-hoodlum) 21 years of age should understand the necessity of earning money, and budgeting that earned money. You and I and Jordan and all responsible people understand these concepts and have income sources to satisfy our needs.

Can it be fixed? I think so. All you have to do is quit making it more attractive for him not to work. No one likes to work and the more menial the job, the less likely we are to like it.

Here is what I would do if I were you:

Although I would continue to encourage his academic progress by not requiring excessive work, I would require that he work and earn something. I wouldn't care if he were a bus boy or a car washer or a hamburger flipper. But he would have a job. [Remember, that was I got involved in the resume consultation for this purpose.] There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that he can't work 16 hours a week, more or less, at some "no-fun" job and contribute to household expenses.

I would require that he get a job and establish a budget. I would clearly establish when and in what amount he is required to contribute financially.

As long as his mother or you or someone else is willing to enable him to avoid that "no-fun job", he likely will avoid it. I would establish a deadline as to when he needs to have a job. I would also establish when he is going to pay what, and the amount of the payment. I would require that he become financially responsible very quick if I were you.

If he refuses to grasp and execute these simple concepts, I would seriously ask myself if I really thought the relationship with him has a chance of prospering. [If I thought that it did, I would schedule a medical appointment for myself to determine my sanity or lack thereof.] If he refuses to grasp and execute these simple concepts, I would terminate the relationship. If Daniel really "loves" you, he should be willing to make the sacrifice of working a few hours a week and earning money.

That's what I would do.

Please feel free to share this email with D if you want. I am not mean. D knows my view on this subject.

When I agreed to help J, these were the rules. J doesn't like living in the ghetto and working as a bus boy but he preferred this rather than the alternatives. It is for this reason that J likely has a job, earns money and has a budget. I tried to explain these concepts to D but apparently the message wasn't received.

Contrary to what some people may want to believe, my only intention is to help these hoodlums.
Jordan and I had a rather long conversation, both on-line and by phone, regarding this topic and others. The better I get to know that kid, the more respect I have for him and the better I like him. Althought there are great risks associated with making a declaration that a former hoodlum is a "winner", this hoodlum has great potential. He is simply a great kid and in my view, with untapped potential.

On another note, Joy is doing OK as I understand it. She suffered some, without a doubt, as a result of her father's death and then her dog dying a couple of days later. I really do feel her pain and I honestly would bear it for her if I could. My fear is my insensitive ass would only further complicate the matter. So I remain afar.